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Delta 8 Edibles

Browse our collection of premium Delta 8 Edibles, THC edibles with a “buzz” available in different flavors and strengths.
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Really nice for pain and mood. Good for high tolerances. May be a be over for lower tolerances.
Once again, CBD MALL never disappoints...I got a nice, smooth relaxing high...not too much, but just also helps with sleep, which is rather helpful...again, I'm a faithful customer for life..

haven't tried these yet, but I have had great experiences with all the products I have purchased from here, so I am sure these will be awesome! I have used gummies with live resin before and they do pack a punch!

Common Questions

Delta 8 Edibles - For A Buzzy Bite

With Delta 8 edibles, you'll satisfy your sweet tooth, curb your cravings, and get the cannabinoids you love! There's a delta 8 edible for everyone at CBD Mall, and they come in a whole range of delicious flavors, sizes, and dosages. There is one thing they will always do for you - they will make you buzz like no one else.

With our delta 8 edibles, you can expect amazing ingredients that aren't just high-quality, but also unmatched and are sourced from all-American hemp, ensuring a high that's meaningful for you. Independent laboratories have tested these ingredients, and they are non-GMO and sourced from hemp grown in the United States. These perfectly legal, buzz-worthy edibles keep you worry-free, with hundreds of flavors to choose from. 

With CBD Mall’s wide range of flavors and potencies, the possibilities are endless when it comes to delta 8 edibles!

The delta 8 edibles have been created with maximum pleasure with minimal hassle in mind. You'll be flying high before you know it. Grasshopper, you've got to wait a while before edibles kick in, but this just means their effects also last a lot longer. Patience, you've got to wait, the best is yet to come.

Delta 8 Edibles: What They Are

In addition to edibles that contain delta 8, these sweets can be fruity gummies, scrumptious chocolates, hot chips, and even refreshing drinks, all of which have the fun, mind-bending effects of delta 8. 

In the same way as delta 9 edibles, delta 8 edibles can be made from scratch at home. However, it will always be safer and more effective to buy your products from reputable manufacturers, such as CBD Mall.

There's something for everyone at CBD Mall, whether you're a lover of vegan gummy bears, Belgian dark chocolate, nacho chips, or anything in between.

Delta 8: What is it?

With a chemical structure similar to its close relative, delta 9, delta 8 is also a form of THC—the compound that makes you buzz. Hemp and marijuana plants naturally contain delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol. Besides having a lower concentration of delta 8, cannabis plants contain less THC, explaining why delta 8 is nicknamed “marijuana-lite.” 

Delta 8 edibles still produce a mild euphoria, even though they contain much less THC than delta 9. However, with a milder high, comes milder side effects, such as paranoia and anxiety. As a matter of fact, according to one study, delta 8 has all the positives of delta 9 without any of the negatives. 

Despite the fact that hemp-derived products are officially legal for distribution and consumption under the 2018 Farm Bill, Delta 8 popularity has risen recently.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Dosing Delta 8 Edibles

The consensus is that it’s best to start small and work your way up to the high that’s right for you, even though dosing can be tricky because it depends mainly on factors that vary from one person to another, such as weight and tolerance. It takes some effort to reach this sweet spot -- you want to feel relaxed, warm, and friendly, but you don't want to be left idle and unable to think..

Consumers can tolerate dosages in three tiers, according to researchers:

  • For beginners with a low tolerance - 5-15mg per serving
  • For casual Users with a medium tolerance - 15-45mg per serving
  • For frequent users with a high tolerance - 45-150mg+ per serving

The amount of delta 8 you need to feel mild or more potent side effects can also be measured by your body weight:

  • If you weigh 80lbs take 5mg for mild effects and 15mg for super-strong effects
  • If you weigh 120lbs take 8mg for mild effects and 27mg for super-strong effects
  • If you weigh 160lbs take 10mg for mild effects and 26mg for super-strong effects
  • If you weigh 200lbs take 13mg for mild effects and 45mg for super-strong effects

This is merely a guide to delta 8 edibles dosage. However, only you know how much delta 8 edibles to take. 

What Delta 8 Edibles Are Available

We're particular about our ingredients, too. Are you a picky eater? Delta 8 edibles come in all kinds. We make sure our snacks contain no carcinogens, synthetics, or contaminants, so you always get baked to perfection. Whatever your craving, our wide array of readily available edibles is sure to satisfy it.

The sweet tooth in you has come to the right place. CBD Mall has something that will have your mouth drooling and your head spinning, whether you're looking for a tropical buzz reminiscent of that cruise your parents took you on when you were in middle school or a rich, chocolatey flavor reminiscent of a hefty candy bar between your fingers. From extra strong fruity gummies to Belgian chocolate bars, we've got what you want.

These delta 8 edibles are perfect for anyone who likes the kick of jalapepo and the buzz of a good high. When snack time comes, you need a delicious chocolate brownie.

Being a vegan can be challenging with limited options in novelty treats, but Delta 8 edibles offer all-natural, legal fun you can enjoy without sacrificing the environment. Those who are environmentally conscious and want to stay healthy and responsible can enjoy our vegan, non-GMO gummy bears.

How Do Delta 8 and CBD Differ?

While delta 8 and CBD differ in buzz, there are other differences as well. Delta 8 has psychoactive properties, whereas CBD doesn't, so it is recommended to those who prefer the benefits of cannabinoids without the brain buzz often associated with them. 

There are also some well-documented differences between delta 8 and CBD:

Delta 8 vs. CBD
  Delta 8 CBD
  • Euphoria

  • Relaxation

  • Wellness

  • Appetite boost

  • Much More

  • Wellness

  • Rest

  • Relaxation

  • Much More

  • Dry mouth

  • Red eyes

  • Rapid/slow heart rate

  • Mild Anxiety

  • Short-term memory loss

  • Diarrhea

  • Fatigue

  • Changes in weight and appetite

Since delta 8 is such a new cannabinoid, we are still learning new things every day. CBD is not psychotropic, whereas delta 8 absolutely is.

Delta 8 Edibles: How Do They Work?

As you may be aware, edibles — including delta 8 edibles — take longer to kick in than oils or vapes. Why? Food enters our bodies through a metabolic process that takes about two hours to complete. The delta 8 takes a much longer path before it begins to give you a buzz when you eat an edible than it does when you vape or smoke..

In order to understand delta 8 edibles, let's look at how they work.

  • Once the edible has traveled down your esophagus, it lands in your stomach.

  • Once in the stomach, acids and enzymes begin to digest and break down the treat into parts.

  • As soon as the THC is broken down, your stomach lining absorbs it before it reaches your liver.

  • As we enter the liver, delta 8 THC is transformed into 11-hydroxy-THC, which is a much more potent form of THC than delta 8 and delta 9.

As 11-hydroxy-THC has a higher level of potency than other types of THC, it can cross the blood-brain barrier much faster than THC inhaled, and its side effects can last up to eight hours longer than those caused by inhalation. In order to achieve a much stronger and longer-lasting high than other methods, your liver must transform delta 8 or delta 9 into 11-hydroxy-THC, which is why eating edibles is so beneficial. The delta 8 you ingested may also show up on a drug test, causing a positive result.

This tasty treat gives you all the benefits of Delta 8 with a banging buzz that you won't soon forget! Take delta 8 edibles to put your inner body system to the test!

The largest selection of Delta 8 edibles in the world can be found at CBD Mall!