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MedTerra CBD


Passionate about the power of CBD, Medterra believes in removing the stigma from CBD and providing affordable access to high quality CBD products with their seed to sale process. What makes this brand so great? Medterra’s team dedicates their resources to continuously improving their process, because they care about helping people. They are doing their part to improve lives by providing access to high quality CBD for all. And when they say high quality, they mean it.

Their industrial hemp is grown and extracted in accordance with the strict guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, and to ensure consistency and quality, each product is third-party tested with available lab results to review. They are even U.S. Hemp Authority Certified and have partnered with the Hemp Pilot Research Program.

Explore Medterra’s exciting CBD collection, including wonderful CBD-infused cooling creams, gel capsules, and even CBD oils for your pet!
Feature: Certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority
Location: California

Available Categories

Available Categories

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Medterra CBD - Unflavored CBD Oil Tincture

$29.74 - $113.04 $34.99 15%

Medterra CBD Tincture for Pets - Beef

$16.99 - $33.99 $19.99 15%

Medterra CBD Tincture for Pets - Chicken

$16.99 - $33.99 $19.99 15%

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