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We call this feeling Satla. It's a fantastic, overwhelming buzz that touches all your senses. How? When your Delta 8 Vaping Carts slowly overwhelm you and gives you a warm sense of bliss, that's Satla It's like the first time you ate candy or went to the beach. We bring that feeling home to you with Satla Kosher Delta 8 Vaping Carts. This is our signature brand, where you'll enjoy 900mg of Kosher Delta 8 made for you, that can be enjoyed by everyone!

With this fantastic vape, you'll will experience all of the wonderful benefits of delta 8 THC. Each puff contains pure delta 8 THC that's certified Kosher. It lets you experience the feeling of Satla — an incredible wave of euphoric pleasure that envelops you from head to toe. Kosher delta 8 is a smooth, natural, all-legal buzz.

Satla Kosher Vaping Carts are made for everyone. A Kosher-certified and third-party-tested vape, Satla Kosher Delta 8 Vaping Carts contain no insect contaminants and are made from pure, unadulterated hemp. Try them out today and see how high you can get. Experience Satla today!

Total Strength
Strength Per puff
Total Units
240 puffs
Total Delta 8
Delta 8 Per puff

Hemp-derived Delta-8 THC extract and Natural Terpenes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use delta 8 carts safely?

A disposable cartridge is one of the best ways to enjoy Delta 8, one of the most popular hemp cannabinoids. Delta 8 carts are one of the most popular ways to consume this buzzy cannabinoid because of its immediate euphoria and excitement. What's the deal? Yes! CBD Mall products undergo third-party testing, and Delta 8 is one of the world's safest cannabis compounds. We guarantee you the highest quality delta 8 carts.

Can you get high from delta 8 carts?

You can get high from delta-8 THC. The effect of this strain will not be as powerful as regular THC, however, as it is more mildly potent. Since THC isn't legal everywhere, people who need their "high" often substitute delta-8 for THC, because it isn't available everywhere.

How long are delta 8 carts good for?

However, even though delta 8 can last up to 24 months when stored correctly, it can also start to deteriorate after a few months, if not properly stored.

How legal are delta 8 carts?

There are 13 states where Delta 8 THC carts are illegal: Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, New York, Nevada, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, Utah, and Washington.

Are delta 8 carts refillable?

You can throw the cartridges in the trash when you're done vaping. They can't be refilled because they aren't refillable.

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With Satla Kosher edibles, you will experience the first certified kosher cannabinoids that can make you fly. Our products are made with natural fish gelatin and certified Kosher without insect contaminants. You can now experience a perfect, all-natural delta 8 high for yourself. Satla is what you experience after you vape or take edibles. It's a euphoria that flows from head to toe. Feel Satla when you try our Kosher cannabinoids. 

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