This Fall Season, Delta-8 THC Is the Hot New Cannabinoid

Sep 13, 2021

When fall rolls around, you’re probably thinking about the leaves changing color, the weather becoming more relaxed, school bells ringing, and the hottest fall fashions. Well, nothing is hotter this fall than Delta-8 THC, the hot new cannabinoid that everyone has got to have. Not only are all the stars using it (we assume), but it’s making its way into the mainstream, where everyone that you know is now feeling the buzz.

This fall, Delta-8 THC is the new CBD!

It’s true. Delta-8 THC is the runaway hit of the fall season. While we still love CBD more than anything (heck, it’s right there in our name), Delta-8 THC is top of everyone’s mind. From Paris to Milan to New York City to your very own neighborhood, folks are stocking up on everything from Chill Plus Gummies to 10X Vapes, from Liquid Gold to Delta-8 THC Bites, and so much more.

But what makes Delta-8 THC so exciting? How has this one little cannabinoid that could take up all of our attention? Well, first things first, Delta-8 THC is one of the only legal cannabinoids with a buzz. Sure, cannabis is making headway state-by-state, something that we totally support. But Delta-8 is on a whole different playing field thanks to our favorite piece of legislation — the Farm Bill. Since the Farm Bill made hemp legal a few years ago, along with all of its derivatives, Delta-8 THC has been federally legal. Cannabis just can’t compete.

Second, unlike Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 THC offers users a smooth and subtle psychotropic high. No more worrying about paranoia or anxiety or bats flying around the belfry. When you use Delta-8, you’ll remain cool, relaxed, and calm. That’s because Delta-8 THC is a workhorse cannabinoid. It allows you to feel buzzed but not so buzzed that you’re locked on the couch. With Delta-8 THC, you can continue to function as you would.

“Delta-8 makes a huge difference in being able to relax, clear my mind and get to sleep. I wake up feeling more rested,” said one person in a recent article written for NBC News. The report noted that a person “has also tried cannabidiol, or CBD, products, which he said help a little, but not enough.”

“Switching to CBD products that also have delta-8 has made a huge difference. It’s not quite as potent as delta-9, but it’s very similar,” he continued.

As you can see, Delta-8 THC is a blast of potent energy changing the game this fall season. It’s the hippest new cannabinoid on the block, and it’s not going anywhere, no matter how hard your local politician tries to ban it. With that being said, since Delta-8 THC is this fall’s hottest new cannabinoid, here are a few of our top picks for the season. After all, you don’t want to be seen with last year’s hemp, now do you?


This Fall Season, Delta-8 THC Is the Hot New Cannabinoid


This Fall, Magical Delta-8 Shrooms Will Make the Leaves Change Color

Do you believe in magic? When the leaves change color, and the air turns cooler, there’s always a bit of magic in the air. And now you can experience magic in another way with the magic of Shrooms. Shrooms Delta-8 THC Gummies with a hint of mushroom extract will take you to another world, a magical world where everything floats.

So what are Shrooms? Are they mushrooms? Are they Delta-8 THC? Are they both? “With 12 pieces per bag at 25mg each, you can control your dose of Delta-8, taking your buzz to new levels. So pop some Delta-8 gummies today and see what the buzz is all about. The magic of Shrooms will take you to new heights and new places,” it says right there on the bag.

Shrooms were designed for folks just like you, who want something more from your Delta-8 THC gummies. They’re a spark, an ignition, and a fire to your imagination. This fall, Shrooms are turning heads and giving everyone a buzz. All you need are one or two gummies to feel like a new you this season. All good things in moderation, of course, but there’s nothing wrong with a couple of Shrooms.

So pick up some Shrooms today. It’s the perfect on-the-go Delta-8 THC treat for you and your friends this fall. It will turn heads on the runway and in the streets.


This Fall Season, Delta-8 THC Is the Hot New Cannabinoid


Try a New Strain of Delta-8 This Fall, and Transform Yourself

Whether you’re a new user of Delta-8 THC or a veteran who has experienced the buzz throughout the past year, there’s something for everyone to try this season as the weather begins to turn. While many people start thinking about the holidays and festivities with friends and family, we have something new for you to put on your radar — strains! That’s right, the latest accessory for the fall season is Delta-8 THC vape strains.

Oils and tinctures were so last year. The name of the game is flavor, from terpenes to scents, indicas, sativas, hybrids, and more. This fall, we’re introducing you to a variety of sweet and delicious Delta-8 THC strains that you won’t want to miss. Don’t be the only person without the latest strain on this year’s party circuit. Make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest and greatest from your favorite vapes.

So what should a Delta-8 user vape this fall? Well, there are Delta-8 Pineapple Express vape cartridges. You can experience the distinct flavors of apple, cedar, and pineapple. Pineapple Express, like in our 10X vape cartridges, is an energetic strain. It’s a hybrid of Trainwreck and Hawaiian that turns any afternoon into a productive one. It’s ideal for a fall season in which you’re ready to accomplish big things!

We have a bunch of tremendous strains available from 10X, including the Indica-dominant Skywalker. It’s an upbeat, uplifting aromatic kush that warms your body all over, allowing you to be at one with the force. It still has a hint of Sativa, meaning it produces both cerebral effects and a warm feeling all over your body. There’s no better way to defeat the Empire.

But that’s not all. This fall, try all of our strains, from Green Crack to Zkittlez, and more. It’s the best way to stay on top of the fall fashions — we mean strains, this year.


This Fall Season, Delta-8 Is Where It’s At

On the runway and in your home, Delta-8 THC has taken the world by storm. From Shrooms to strains, from gummies to vapes, the best way to keep up with what’s “in” is to enjoy the only hemp-derived cannabinoid with a buzz. And the only place to find the largest selection of Delta-8 THC for the best price possible is CBD Mall. Here you’ll find the hottest, hippest, trendiest brands of Delta-8 THC. After all, Delta-8 is the new CBD.

So buy yourself some Delta-8 THC today, and don’t forget to share some with your friends. And to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in hemp and cannabinoids, check back in with the CBD Mall as frequently as possible because we’re the one store that knows Delta-8.