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I do not like to smoke often, but when I do I prefer delta 8. This pen works great and it’s very slick. It’s rechargeable and I know it will last me a long time. Also CBDmall upgraded my vape pen for free, to 1800mg instead of the 920mg pen i originally ordered. I believe it took around 1-2 weeks to come in after ordering. I am very happy with my purchase and will be getting my delta8 in the future from CBDmall!
gets you high as fuck but my only complaint is that they run out super fast
My mind is completely blown away. I have been smoking flowers all my life of the best of the best and I decided to try out cbd vape carts. As I did more research I found out about delta 8 and decided to order one of my favorite strains which is Strawberry Cough. I can not believe how great it is! It taste amazing and smells great, not only that it absolutely does the job in making me relax and leaving me perfectly high. I am able to work and carry on about my day with ease and alertness with this one. Can't wait to try out more!

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